Effective 06/20/2020

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In order to allow our staff to provide for your safety, the gyms will follow the pool schedule at each location: allowing use for 1 ½ hours, then close for 30 minutes to allow cleaning.  Please check for each facility’s individual hours.

Our employees are working for everyone’s protection:

  • Each of our employees are trained on revised cleaning protocols to help assist in the cleaning of equipment.
  • Each employee will practice recommended social distancing; “further is safer.”
  • Each employee will monitor the sanitizing stations to ensure materials are available for use.

Member actions to help us protect everyone:

  • Strongly encourage each member to clean all equipment BEFORE and AFTER each use.
  • Please exercise 6 ft distancing at all times.
  • We recommend all members come dressed, ready to exercise. Lockers will not be available.
  • Members are encouraged to wear protective PPE when practical.
  • Each facility will have a separate entrance and exit. Please follow directional signage.


Will the nursery be open?

This nursery will remain closed at this time.

Are members allowed to utilize aerobic rooms?

In order to space the workout equipment to adhere to 6-foot distancing, the aerobic rooms are currently being utilized to store excess equipment. Members are not allowed into the aerobic rooms at this time.

What equipment is available for use?

We have focused on providing the maximum amount of cardio equipment (treadmills, stair steppers, and bikes) for our members. Single station weight machines are available and have been spaced for distancing, free weights and dumbbells are currently unavailable.

Can I utilize the showers?

Showers will be available for use at all locations. Please note the indoor showers at Riverwood will remain closed; however, the showers in the cabanas are available. We do encourage you to limit the use of the showers when possible.

Can I rely on the water fountains as a source of hydration?

No, please bring your own water. For sanitation reasons, all water fountains are currently unavailable.

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