The BOSU Ball was invented by David Weck and debuted in 2000. Pronounced bo-sue, formerly the name was an acronym for “both sides up,” meaning that exercise could be performed using either side of the device. Overtime, the meaning has evolved to “both sides utilized,” to better represent a mindful approach to exercise functional training that goes beyond traditional exercise, according to the BOSU website.

BOSU is a two-side fitness device, one side is a solid flat surface and the other is half of an exercise ball. This unique ball works the core, small stabilizing muscles and balance. This awesome exercise tool adds an unstable platform which engages the core muscles making all exercise more challenging. Exercising on the flat side up is more challenging. Just about all exercises can be performed on the BOSU ball.

We offer BOSU balls at each of our Athletic Clubs, typically they can be found inside the Aerobic room.  Searching for BOSU ball exercises online can help you understand the benefits of this piece of equipment.

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