It’s the age-old question… What do you want for dinner? Well, today we have an answer for you! The meal that we are spotlighting this week can be great by itself or paired with another dish.

We’re talking about meatballs, or if you want to be cool, you can call them Beef Mole Power Bites!

Check out the following recipe from Beef. It’s What for Dinner for Beef Mole Power Bites.

If you are looking for Premium Ground Beef to use in this recipe, you can order and pick-up your ground beef at either MISSION Beef and Brews location. We’ve got 1 lb packages of ground beef and 1.5 lb packages of ground beef patties.

Call today to order your ground beef!

MISSION Beef and Brews at Riverwood  919-635-5741

MISSION Beef and Brew at Hedingham 919-551-8185

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