Parents,The meet this past week against Greenway Club was a success! It was great to have the first meet of the summer go so smoothly. The older Ray’s cheered loud for the younger swimmers, brought the team together with pre-meet team cheers, and everyone swam so well! We had a lot of first timers out there that showed the courage and determination we have come to expect from the Riverwood Rays. 

Scores and Meet Highlights:The meet was non-divisional, so it was a great warm up meet to get ready for our divisional competition coming up in the next two weeks. Team Score: Riverwood Rays 197 / Greenway Club 316We had 76 swimmers with a total of 215 recorded races. This lead too 85 improved times and a 40% improvement in times across the team. The coaches are so proud of this accomplishment and we look forward to see those improved times continue through the summer!

We had two Triple winners for the meet: Carlee Davis and Elijah Hammons winning all three of their individual events!

Records! Elijah Hammons in the 50 Breaststroke broke the Greenway Club Pool Record of 30.56 with a time of 30.22!

Most Improved Swimmers – These swimmers improved in all of their races across the board during last weeks meet:Emilia Boldt, Katie Campbell, Chelsea Cotham, Eli Cottle, Brayden Franklin, Zelda Glanzmann, Sage Gorlesky, Jael Jiggets, Emily McFadzean, Kale Myers, Layla Myers, Ford Teague, and Troy Floyd.Thank you to all the volunteers, swimmers and our amazing TSA Reps Sara, Betsy and Mackenzie for their hard work during this meet to make it an enjoyable experience for all!


Coach Andrew

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