Here in North Carolina, winter weather can mean lots of different things, from 70 degree days to a couple of inches of snow. You have to keep a close eye on the weather forecast! 

This week is no exception either. With the amount of rain and the drop in temperatures we are getting, it is good to be prepared and to brush up on some helpful winter driving tips. Thanks to the Johnston County Emergency Management Division, there are tons of tips to survive any type of nasty weather we might come across. Check out their website here.

Don’t forget to check your Sports Club Live! Through Sports Club Live, you can get live updates about the status of your local FSC Sports Club. Any time you have a question about whether a Sports Club will be open, you can go to the website here for information.

Keep in mind, when in doubt about driving conditions, always use caution and consider altering your plans.  It is always better to cancel than to not arrive at all. 

Slow and steady wins the race – this motto is always great to take with you when you get in your car and drive during winter storms. 

The image below is from the Johnston County Emergency Management Division Preparedness Info Page.

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