Today is the first day of Spring, hurray! We are already beginning to see some of those beautiful blooms around town. For some of us, those bountiful flowers come with some annoying sniffles and watery eyes.

 Allergy season can be hard on us, and we’ll be taking lots of steam showers to clear those nostrils. Another way to clear that stoppage, if you don’t have time for a shower, is to use a Neti pot! A Neti pot can be a quicker way for you to experience relief than just taking an allergy pill. Never used one before? Check out this super helpful article on how to use a Neti pot from the Mayo Clinic.

Another way Mother Nature lets us know that Spring has arrive is by all those little buggies swarming the air and ground. Sometimes those bugs don’t seem like our friend when they’re biting any exposed skin they can find. One thing that you might helpful for those bug bites is witch hazel! According to WebMD witch hazel, “…contains chemicals called tannins… which might help reduce swelling, help repair broken skin, and fight bacteria.” So you might want to add some witch hazel to your families next outdoor outing along with those bottles of water and sunblock.

Another Spring change has been the clocks. We have recently rolled our clocks forward, which did make it a little hard to wake up for a few days, but it sure is nice to have sunlight for longer. This means that after work there is more time to take a nice walk outside, or do dinner as a picnic, before the sun sets.

If you’re not the biggest fan of exercising outside, don’t worry, because your local FSC Sports Club gym is still open. We have changed our hours, so check them our here!

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