It’s that time of year for Spring Cleaning! There’s something so satisfying about having a clean surrounding. We’ve been working on our Spring Cleaning at your FSC Sports Club, and we can’t wait for you to see our progress!

Some of us might be spending more time than usual in our homes, and this can cause us to use more dishes, food, and more time, in general, making a mess. So instead of watching the latest documentary-series on Netflix, or maybe after you watch that documentary, go on and tackle your Spring Cleaning.

If you are pretty overwhelmed and just don’t know where to start, you may want to begin by organizing. Organizing your closets will shave off time when you go to put away all those freshly washed clothes. Organizing your pantry will help you figure out what foods you need to stock up on and what you have plenty of already. Don’t forget to organize that medicine cabinet, throwing away anything expired and making sure your allergy meds are well-stocked because boy do we have a lot of pollen.

Are you looking out your windows, seeing (and sneezing) because of all that pollen? Allergies affect many of us, and what a time to be sneezing and coughing due to allergies! Grab your garden hose and wash down your porch and exterior doors. Speaking of washing down your exterior, check out what we have been doing!

At your FSC Sports Club, a deep Spring Cleaning of the gym and a feature pool renovation is underway. Take a look at our progress. Check back with us next week for more pictures of our progress. We miss you, and we can’t wait to be open again!

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