Friendly reminder that Father’s Day is THIS weekend. That’s right, this Sunday it’s Dads Day! If you are wondering what to do for Dear Ole Dad, here are few ideas:

Grill Out For Your Father:
We know that Dad is the master of the grill, and that when fire is involved, he likes to keep a watchful eye on things. So why not cook Dad his favorite burger on the grill this weekend!

Family Activities That Show Your Appreciation:

1. Scavenger Hunt: You can do this one around the house, yard, or around town! Place small little clues that will lead to the next one until he gets to the end. You can make the end goal lead him to a present, a home cooked meal, or just a super big family hug. Which ever floats your family’s boat!

2. Let’s Go Fishing: Go ahead and plan that fishing trip he has been talking about. You don’t even have to go far. Look up local fishing spots such as Jordan or Falls Lake. You can bring your breakfast, or lunch and make it a fun summer family outing.

3. A Round of Golf: Make that tee time with Dad for the next sunny day. Golf is a great way to get outside, exercise, and spend time with each other!

You can make a tee time at any FSC Golf Course at FSC Sports Club.

We wish every Dad a very happy Father’s Day!

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