London Broil
Growing up, we didn’t eat choice cuts of meat very often. There were five of us children, so Mom was always very thrifty with her recipes with seven people at the table to feed. More often than not, there were more than seven if my grandparents joined us or some of my brother’s friends from the football team.

When we got to eat London Broil, it was a very special occasion.

Mom’s recipe was simple. There were only three ingredients.

1 London Broil cut of meat
¾ cup of Ketchup
¼ cup of red wine vinegar

Mom would baste the meat with the secret sauce, which we thought was incredibly fancy because it had the word “wine” in it. She’d place the meat on a broiling pan and broil it for ten minutes. Then, she would flip the steak with great bravado. We’d all be in the kitchen watching and waiting at that point, and we kept our eyes on her as she basted the other side, broiling it for ten more minutes as the aroma filled the house.

Our plates would hold mashed potatoes, garden peas, and as much thinly sliced London Broil pieces as we were allowed once the cuts were divided equally amongst everyone at the table. There were never any leftovers.

FSC Ranch Beef will be getting our London Broils in a couple of days, and I have been thinking a lot about my Mom’s London Broil recipe. You are welcome to try it. Mom wouldn’t mind at all.

If you want a more classic recipe, here is one from Beef It’s What’s for Dinner. Although I’ll be sticking with my Mom’s version for nostalgic reasons, this one looks fabulous as well! Click here for Beef It’s What’s for Dinner’s Classic London Broil.
We will be getting our choice cut steaks in at the ranch in a few days!

When you buy ground beef from FSC Ranch Beef, we consider you a valued customer. As a valued customer, you can place your name on a presale list for select steaks. Our steaks will sell quickly, and we want to make sure you have the opportunity to order what you would like.

If you have grilled all of your FSC Ranch Beef premium ground beef over the past week, we would love to help you restock at FSC Ranch Beef
Here is what we will be getting in very soon:

London Broil Top Round Steaks ($9.99 per lb.)
Briskets ($7.99 per lb.)
Eye of Round Roasts ($8.99 per lb.)
Sirloin Steaks ($9.99 per lb.)
Ribeye Steaks ($16.99 per lb.)
NY Strip Steaks ($16.99 per lb.)
Filet Mignon Tenderloins ($19.99 per lb.)

With FSC Ranch Beef, you are guaranteed premium beef with no antibiotics and no added hormones. Our beef is pasture-raised right here in Johnston County, North Carolina. The above cuts of meat will come from one animal for traceability. Your beef will be USDA inspected in vacuum-sealed packages for convenience and freshness.

These premium cuts will be sold on a first-come basis, so make sure you give us a call or email us if you aren’t on our presale list. If you are on the list, we will notify you through email and by phone to coordinate pickup and payment.

For more information, please email us at or call Fred Smith 919-422-4092 or Laurie Bishop 919-588-2091.

Happy Grilling!
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