Sports Club Members,

We hear you! 

We understand that some members are eager to have all areas open up quickly while some members are just not ready to come back to the gym at this time. 

We continue to evaluate and reopen portions of the gym and the amenities with the mindset of safety for you the member and our staff. 

Recently, the hours of operations at the gyms have removed the 30-minute cleaning break.  Each gym has their hours posted on  We have modified and increased our cleaning inside the gyms, provided additional hand sanitizer stations, and offer free face masks, should you prefer.  The lockers are available and showers have reopened as well.  Soon you will notice disposable cups at the water fountains installed.  Many have taken advantage and have started using the free weights and plate weights again. 

This took time planning to ensure everyone’s safety, but we are making great strides working through this with you.  We want to remind and encourage everyone to continue to wipe down the machines before and after usage.  There are additional bottles throughout the facility. 

Personal Training and Teen Certifications have also recently returned.  Please contact the front desk or pick up one of the Personal Trainer business cards for the next steps.  Currently, we are doing Teen Certifications on an individual basis.  No class Teen Certifications scheduled at this time.  More details about Teen Certifications can be found by speaking to your Front Desk Staff Member at the gym. 

Our next area of focus will be Aerobic Classes.  We will be evaluating usage in the aerobic room, outside, and water.  We will be working with our instructors to help create a system that continues with our safety approach for both the member and the instructor.  Some classes might not come back right away, some classes may have participant limits, but these will be continued to be monitored and adjusted.  For now, the Aerobic rooms are still closed.  We know that Aerobic classes are something many look forward to, and we are just as excited to get this portion back as a service. 

Thank you,
David Vartanesian
Athletic Club & HOA Director

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