Led by Kevin Norman,  the FSC Senior Interclub golf squad completed a highly successful year culminating in a tough loss to the 2019 Champions Tanglewood Golf Club last Wednesday in the Elite 8.

64 teams make the playoffs based on division play in the 3 team brackets throughout the state of North Carolina. After an 0-2 start, our senior golfers played well enough to get into the playoffs.

In the round of 64, FSC defeated #4 ranked Lonnie Poole 42-38

In the round of 32, FSC defeated Stoney Creek 45.5-34.5 and didn’t lose a match

In the Sweet 16, FSC defeated The Pinehurst #7 Scramblers (2016 champions) 46-34

In the Elite 8, FSC ran into a buzzsaw with Tanglewood and lost 50.5-29.5

Kevin Norman had an undefeated Playoff run of 3-0-1 with different partners!—great playing!!

Russell Schiff and Jim Langston had 3-1 records in the playoffs and were our most consistent duo.

Scott Hammond was also 3-1.

We had multiple different players throughout the regular season and we’d like to say thank you to you guys.

The playoffs that ran through January 6 were participated in by Craig Lancaster, Gary Lovering, Kirby Kim, Buzi Ehilgbu, Eddie Shearon, Wes Davis, Charlie Westmoreland, and the guys above.

It was a tough end to a really good run, but the Men made it further in the playoffs than any FSC golf interclub team in history. There’s a lot to be proud of, and everyone had a lot of fun!

Many thanks to Captain Wes Davis on his work done on the lineups, setting up the matches, scouting the opponents, and working with Daniel Davis getting the course ready.

Thanks to Daniel, Bryson, and Dylan for their help on match days with the meals and course, carts etc.

Thanks to Dudley and his staff for having our course in outstanding shape for our matches.

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