Dining in this Valentine’s Day?
Valentine’s Day is this Sunday, February 14th!

Many of us, including me, will be dining in this Valentine’s Day. We’ve got your back at FSC Ranch Beef! We have T-Bones, Ribeyes, and Filet Mignons We’ve put them in packages to make sure your weekend is extra special.
Our T-Bone Special contains 2 T-Bones, 2 Sirloins, 1 Chuck Roast, and 3 packs of Ground Beef. All for $79.99.
We only have 4 of these packages left, so order yours today!
Our Ribeye Special contains 2 Ribeyes and 3 packs of Ground Beef ($49).
And our Filet Special contains 2 Filet Mignons and a Chuck Roast ($39). YUM! 
Order online or stop by the ranch!

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