The maze of weight training equipment at a gym can be overwhelming. Each machine concentrates on a different muscle group, so you want to select the right machine for the muscles you want to improve. The most obvious for the biceps is the bicep curl machine/ arm curl machine. This machine is specifically designed to target nothing but your biceps. Similar to the free weight preacher curl, the bicep curl machine puts the focus on your biceps alone, without any other muscles assisting. The biceps main function is to flex or bend the elbow,” strong upper arms help you in your daily activities. When you pick up children, carry groceries, or work in the yard, you are using your biceps.

  1. To do a machine bicep curl, sit in the machine and grasp the handles.
  2. Move the weight by flexing your arm into a curl. Keep your triceps flat on the resting area and your elbows in to really target the muscle.
  3. Make sure that you feel the tension in your biceps

The bicep curl machine uses a cable and pulley system for smooth movement, which you have to control as you lower the weight to avoid the plates from slamming together. You can choose to do this exercise with one arm or two. The good news for you is training the biceps is pretty simple — you curl, curl, and curl some more. 

If you would like to read about how to properly use the bicep curl machine visiting this website:

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