Let me introduce you to Brenda. She is one of our amazing aerobics instructors/ personal trainers!  When we asked Brenda to tell us a little about herself here is what she had to say.

My name is Brenda Keeping.

I’m 45 years old with 3 amazing adult children! I have been married for 24 crazy years! I have loved to work out and to motivate others since I was little. I learned that abs start in the kitchen, so you will hear me talk a lot about eating clean, recording food, and prepping.

I am a strong Christian with strong values. Motivating others motivates me! I have a passion for kids as well. I taught at a Baptist preschool for 8 years. I have also homeschooled my son with special needs. I have taught lots of different styles of classes. My favorite is HIIT and bootie classes.

I like to please others, so I love feedback on my classes and always want to know what you want to get out of it.

I am teaching virtually at home, but I am teaching one class at Lionsgate on Thursday mornings at 5:15 AM, nice and early! It’s a HIIT Style class, called TABATA.  It’s a great fat burner! There is a timed work and a timed rest.  The class is really effective in fat burning.  I use weights and body weight exercises. You can also modify any of the moves to work for you! I always show the modifications for beginners or if you have any physical ailments. Don’t forget your water, sweat towel and mat if you have one.

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