Perhaps more than any other core workout gadget, the ab wheel gives you a chance to train your entire core. That’s because using an ab wheel will help you perform some of the most challenging core exercises in existence. Your core functions as a unit—in real life, so any opportunity to train it that way is beneficial.

What makes the ab wheel so effective is its ability to engage our entire core, including what are referred to as our “stabilizer” muscles. These muscles help stabilize your entire body. And when there’s a weakness in your core, it reduces the efficiency of your entire body and can lead to lower back pain. This is why it is so important to not skip over your ab and other core exercises. Strengthening your core helps you in a variety of ways including everyday tasks like bending to put on shoes, turning to look behind you, on the job tasks, reducing back pain (if any), sports activities, balance and stability, and good posture. A good posture is not only healthy for you but it also makes you look good and thus builds your confidence. 

Start in a modified plank position with knees down on a towel or mat. Grab a handle of the ab roller in each hand. Keeping your pelvis tucked slightly, belly button pulled up toward your spine, and glutes engaged, drive the wheel forward. Keeping your spine neutral and back flat, push the ab roller out as far as you can, past your shoulders, without breaking form. Then, pull the ab roller back in toward your thighs, still maintaining a neutral spine and ab and glute engagement.

Visit the website below to learn about a variety of exercises that you can do with the ab wheel.

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