Hip adductors are muscles that play an important role in the rotational movement of your body, specifically the hips and thighs.

Your hip adductors are located in the inner thigh. Exercising with tight adductors that have not been properly warmed up is a common cause of an adductor strain or groin strain. 

By straining your adductor and stretching it too far, you are not only injuring yourself but also leaving yourself more susceptible to future injuries. 

It’s best to prevent it from happening by strengthening and exercising our adductors.

Your hip adductors contribute to any rotating movements that you make with your body. That means if you play baseball, softball, hockey, tennis or lacrosse, you guessed it—you need strong adductors.

If you can’t properly shift your weight from your back hip to your front hip, or if you struggle to rotate your hips before your shoulders, you’ll lose swinging power and throwing velocity.

Adductors help internally rotate the hips to create massive power from the lower body. Exercising your adductors will enable you to move easier and give you better swinging motion. 

For more information check out this website on hip adduction HERE.

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