The captain’s chair is a piece of equipment found in many gyms.

Captain’s Chair knee raises are one of the best ab exercises. This exercise is proven to be  more effective than regular crunches.  

Standing in the frame, you use the chair’s two arms to support your body weight as you raise the legs.

These exercises can be a useful addition to a strength-training routine, as they help work several muscles at once.

The exercise targets the abdominal muscles, hip flexors, and the external obliques. It also introduces isolation techniques.

In your day-to-day life, you’ll engage many different muscles groups to complete tasks like climbing stairs or carrying groceries. As you participate in your activities of daily living, these muscles have to coordinate and work together. Isolation exercises such as the hanging leg raise can give you the opportunity to identify your body’s unique areas of weakness and develop a workout to strengthen them.

Try these different versions of hanging leg raises:                                                          

  • Straight leg lift: To make the move more of a challenge and really work your core, try doing the lifts with your legs straight out rather than bent at the knees.
  • Captain’s chair kicks: Raise just one leg to waist level, keeping your leg straight. In a slow, controlled movement and while keeping a straight back, alternate raising and lowering your legs for your desired number of reps.
  • Captain’s chair twist: As you lift your legs, twist your torso so your knees are at a slight angle to your body. This variation targets your obliques.

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