Last week we introduced you to Cal, our healthy lifestyle enthusiast. This week we sat down with Cal and asked him a few questions.

How did you get started in the fitness industry?

I have been in fitness my whole life. Growing up, I played many sports and always trained by coaches or professional trainers. As soon as I walked off the field for the first time, I decided I wanted to be able to do what so many did for me, to teach how to live a healthy lifestyle, and have fun while doing it.

What are you most proud of?

I am most proud of the lives I have changed in my short time being a trainer. I’ve worked with many different ages. I’m able to find a way to help them enjoy working out and coming to the gym.

What has been 1 of the biggest accomplishments of your career?

One of my biggest accomplishments of my career was helping a client to see the true beauty of working out. Unfortunately, when they first came to train, they did not want to be there but knew they needed to. After a couple sessions, their whole demeanor changed and they were actually excited to train and be the best version of themselves. They ended up losing 40 pounds in 6 months and crushed their timeline goal of 12 months.

What has been 1 of the biggest challenges you have faced in your career?

One of the biggest challenges I’ve faced is when clients think they’re able to come to the gym and see immediate results; too often clients give up after just a few weeks of fitness because they do not see immediate results. The progress will come but patience and consistency are key.

What is 1 lesson you have learned that other fitness professionals can learn from?

A lesson that I have learned is to always have a plan and to track progress. Not having a plan is a recipe for a bad training session. Tracking progress will help you and your client to see the mini victories they have along their journey.

What are your main motivations for teaching/training?

My main motivations for teaching and training is by helping others live a longer, healthier, and hit their goals. Lastly, my goals are to build a person up and show them they are able to do it, even when they don’t believe they can.

If you are interested in talking with Cal, he can be reached by texting (919) 623-2218 or Email

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