What exactly is Resistance Training?

Resistance bands prove a great alternative to weight training as one can replicate exercises. There’s over 50 exercise using resistance bands, and they are far more effective than you might think. They come in different colors or degrees of difficulty. Give it a shot and you will be amazed at how strong you will get.

The bands create increased tension. Therefore, the greater the stretch, the more intense the resistance gets, and the harder the exercise becomes. Because you can choose the color, or level of difficulty, most exercises are adaptable to different fitness levels.

 With resistance bands, you can target specific muscle groups or do full body workouts using compound movements and explosive exercises. Remember that you should always stretch after working out to increase your flexibility, range of motion and improve your posture.

Try out a few exercises and let us know what you think.

If you would like to learn more about using resistance bands check out this website.


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