Rowing is a great form of low impact cardio exercise that gets your heart pumping. Lean your legs, core, arms, and more, all while working out on the rowing machine. Here are a few reasons you should be rowing!

It’s great for all fitness levels and its low-impact, which is perfect for exercisers with joint issues. Rowing with the correct f

orm will also reduce your risk of injury. Since rowing is such an intense workout, the heart has to work hard to transport more blood to the body. This can improve heart strength. While the rowing machine and elliptical both work the upper and lower half of the body, the rowing machine also works the abs with each stroke. It’s also meditative- the smooth, repetitive steps of the row stroke — catch, drive, finish, and recovery — become trance-like after a while.

You’ll want to begin by strapping into the footplates. Adjust the strap so that it sits on the widest part of your foot (right around the top of your shoelaces) – this will keep you tightly strapped in while giving your ankle the range of motion it will need throughout your stroke. The starting position is called the “catch,” start slow and take your time to practice and learn the correct form.

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