Plyo boxes prove a great way to improve athletic performance, as well as strength and conditioning. The lure of box jumping is understandable; they’re challenging, fun, and, when done correctly, they not only look cool, but they’re also highly effective for building explosive power. Plyo box training increases muscle strength and bone density which helps preserve bone health and ward off osteoporosis. Plyo boxes come in different sizes, so the height of your jump box will depend on your current fitness level.

To begin; stand facing the box, with your feet hip-width apart, and bend your knees into a quarter squat, bringing both arms behind you. Swing your arms forward and jump up and onto the box, landing with your knees bent and both feet on the middle of the box. Stand up, and then step down from the box one foot at a time.

Other plyo box exercises: Step-ups, incline or decline push-ups, calf raises, dips

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