Here at FSC Ranch Beef we are dedicated to providing the best experience and knowledge to our community. Recently, a member of our Beef Team, Grace has attended the Texas A&M Beef Cattle Short Course and here is what she’s learned.

 While in Texas, she expanded her knowledge about beef marketing, optimizing the carcass, and learned about new cuts that we currently have in stock, the Denver Steak, Sirloin Flap, and Chuck Eye Steak!  Denver Steaks come from the chuck area, which makes them nice and tender.  Sirloin Flaps are great for fajitas, it’s a super, tender cut of meat.  Chuck Eye Steaks are very similar to the Denver steak, as it’s also from the chuck area – you might also know it as the poor man’s ribeye. 
Come in and talk to Grace about her experience at Texas A&M and which cuts of beef she recommends!
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