Dear FSC Sports Club Members,

As we at FSC Sports Club look towards the New Year, we are continuously looking for ways to make our membership more valuable and enjoyable for everyone. One area of concern that has arisen, particularly over the past year, is the ability for members to book tee times at times they want. In evaluating the issue, it has become apparent that member “No Show” rounds is becoming a greater problem and is contributing to the reservation problem. This is an issue that we need everyone’s help with in order to resolve.

At this point, ALL members should be registered to use the FSC Sports Club App or the “Members Only” section of our websites to book tee times. Please note, there is a “Tee Times” tab on each website that is intended for public use, not members. It will only allow bookings 1 week in advance. If you do not know your Member Number required to register in the “Members Only” section, then please inquire at the front desk of any of our facilities and a staff member will be happy to provide that information. Remember that members have the ability to book tee times 2 weeks in advance, so please take advantage of this whenever possible.

Beginning January 1, the following policies will be implemented in regard to tee time reservations:

  • Each member will be allowed to book a tee time for 1 group per day.  If you need to book more than 1 time, please speak with someone in the golf shop.
  • Please help us keep the tee sheet free of TBDs.  We ask that you only book players who are planning to play in that specific tee time.  Holding space with family names or other FSC Sports Club members that aren’t playing should not be done.  TBDs WILL BE REMOVED AT NOON THE DAY BEFORE.  Through the App and Website you have access to the entire membership directory to add players as well as the ability to add names for guests. 
  • Members who either do not show up for their tee time or show up with fewer players than the tee sheet reflects will be charged an $18 cart fee for each missing player.  Discretion will be used in situations involving inclement weather and extenuating circumstances.

We ask that all members please take seriously the process of booking tee times. We want as many of you as possible to enjoy our facilities at the times you desire. There is nothing more frustrating for us than to hear that members cannot get tee times they want, while the first tee is open due to a “No Show”. I appreciate your attention to this matter and am confident these policies will allow more of you to play when you would like.

Daniel Davis
General Manager of FSC Golf Courses

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