Registration Fees:
1st Swimmer – $118
2nd Swimmer – $113
3rd Swimmer – $108
4th+ Swimmer – $103

REGISTRATION Link and Requirements:
Please go to the link below to register for the Riverwood Rays.

Requirements for swimmers to join the Riverwood Rays are very simple. All skill levels are welcome if they are comfortable swimming alone. There are no distance requirements, but we do have an age restriction. We suggest 5 years and older, however if you have a 4-year-old that can swim, and you think is ready for the swim team do not hesitate to email me. If they have little experience in the pool, please sign them up for swim lessons first. The Riverwood Rays will not be able to offer constant 1 on 1 coaching so they will be in a group setting.

The registration fees have been increased for a few reasons. These include mandatory Swimtopia fees and an annual timing system that we will be implementing due to the change TSA has made to switch to timed placements rather than the original place judges.

For now, please only contact me with questions regarding our schedule and registration. All other questions may be answered in the upcoming emails. You can contact me at (I know, super creative!)

Coach Andrew

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