Congratulations to all Riverwood Rays participants this summer. It was an exciting season for all.

What a season! We had just under 90% of our swimmers drop time and long-standing team records were broken. We finished with a season record of 4-2 and a divisional record of 3-1. Advancing into a higher division was just out of reach but we certainly showed the improvement necessary for a great shot at it next year. Thanks to all of the coaching staff, volunteers, swimmers and their families the 2023 Season is one to remember!

– Thank you from HLSA and the Rays!


Riverwood Rays Top Finishers…

The following swimmers received awards and we celebrate their success this season.

Record Swims

  • Mackenzie Leonhardt for the 6 and Under girls broke the 15yard freestyle and backstroke record with a times of 13.07 and 15.65 respectively.
  • Austin Antoine for the 6 and Under Boys broke the 15 yard Backstroke record with a time of 13.59.
  • Elijah Hammons for the 13-14 boys broke the 50 yard Breaststroke record with a time of 29.32.
  • The Woman’s 15-18 200 yard Freestyle Relay composed of Anya Muminovic, Brielle Dubois, Kylee Franklin, and Frankie DiGiovanni broke the record with a time of 1:50.90.


  • Scottie Tilgham
  • Celine Floyd
  • Caitlyn McCoy
  • Zanelly Euceda
  • Gavin Ramirez
  • Paddy Farrell


  • Teddy Glanzmann
  • Charlie Knott
  • Sadie Martin
  • Keller Barnes
  • Hailey Lowery
  • Hank Fortner
  • Aryana Brown
  • Evan Garrish
  • Mia Stringfield
  • Hayden Windsor
  • Brielle Dubois
  • Jax Williams


Girls 6 and Under:

  • Mackenzie Leonhardt
  • Kate Stephenson

Boys 6 and Under:

  • Austin Antoine
  • Blake Garrish

Girls 7+8:

  • Viviana Quinoues
  • Avery Perdue

Boys 7+8:

  • Logan Yarborough
  • Ford Teague

Girls 9+10:

  • Mariana Fuentes
  • Jael Jiggets

Boys 9+10:

  • Chance Glanzmann
  • Ethan Leonhardt

Girls 11+12:

  • Carlie Davis
  • Amelia Bednar

Boys 11+12:

  • Liam Muminovic
  • Bradley O’Brien

Girls 13+14:

  • Chelsea Cotham
  • Cora Levine

Boys 13+14:

  • Elijah Hammons
  • Ben O’Brien

Woman 15-18:

  • Anya Muminovic
  • Franki DiGiovanni

Men 15-18:

  • James Cotham
  • Tyler Henry

The TSA Championship Meet was a big success. Our swimmers did so well and dropped a lot of time! So many personal bests. With only 29 swimmers in attendance, we still finished in the top 50% of teams. We placed 17th out of 39 teams.

The Riverwood Rays would like to thank all the volunteers who represented Riverwood. We are so thankful for their commitment.

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