Hello!!!  My name is Laura Rogers and if you come to Riverwood Athletic Club you may know me as the smiling face that greets you when you first enter.  Of course, you may also know me as the person who reminds you not to slam weights or to make sure youscan in before your workout. You can blame my boss for that.  😊  

I have one husband, two grown (and almost flown) kids and three dogs. In my previous life, I was my kids’ homeschool teacher, a Spanish teacher and taught Pre-K as well.  I guess you can say teaching is in my blood. 

“Small but mighty” is a phrase my daughter used years ago to describe me.  Standing only 5ft tall, the small part is obvious. Mighty goes beyond just strength.  It also describes my passion and desire to not only challenge myself but to inspire others toachieve their fitness goals.  I began my fitness journey back in 2017 by practicing yoga, which benefitted my mental and physical health. Shortly after that, I added weight-training to my exercise routine. Both yoga and now bodybuilding have become a lifestyle for me.

What I offer:  I will the take time to get to know my clients and work with them to put together a plan to reach their goals. This can include both exercise and nutritional needs. I can train anyone regardless of experience or age, from pre-teens to seniors.  I offer not only strength training, but I can incorporate yoga into our workouts to improve flexibility and mobility. We will be each other’s accountability partner and have honest discussions about what is working, what isn’t working and make sure every workout counts. 

Certifications:  NAFC Certified Personal Trainerand Nutrition Specialist, Inside Flow Yoga Certification from TINT Academy and Certified in Vinyasa and Rocket Yoga from Carson Academy.  

Call or text me at 919-889-2754 to make an appointment or with any questions.  You can also email me at LVROGERS09@GMAIL.COM

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