Dear FSC Sports Club Members,

Just a few reminders for this upcoming pool season!

  • SCAN CARDS: Anyone 16 and over or anyone who has been teen certified, must have their own scan card to use the pool (and gym). If you do not have a scan card or need to get a replacement stop by one of our facilities before May 25th.
  • WRISTBANDS: Anyone under 13, must retake the swim test every year. Children will not receive wristbands until they pass the swim test.
  • GUEST PASS: Anyone NOT on your membership is considered a guest. Guest passes must be purchased at the front desk. May 25th-Sept 2nd guest passes are $15 per person/weekdays and $20 per person on weekends/holidays .
  • Rafts/tubes: There will be no rafts/tubes permitted at any of the pools.(Small flotation devices are allowed as long as parents are within ARM’s REACH of child)
  • SUMMER FUN: Everyone should exhibit appropriate behavior while at the pool. In the event that we encounter unacceptable behavior, the first behavior issue will result in a warning. Misbehavior again will result in lost privileges for that day. Second offense will result in lost privileges for 1 week. Third will result in loss of privileges for the season.The pool is a family friendly place for everyone to enjoy.
  • Alcohol, drugs, smoking and vaping are not permitted at any pool. Any fighting will result in you being trespassed from all FSC Properties.
  • Lastly, we have updated our Pool Rules and Regulations. They will be sent out in next week’s newsletter. Please make sure you review them prior to the pool opening.
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