Our first win of the season! Harrington Grove was a great host this week, and their 8 lane pool really helped the meet progress quickly while their technical difficulties (we have all been there) helped slow it back down. Once again a few of our 15-18 swimmers fired up the team with great cheers and put the fear of The Rays into the hearts of our enemies! Okay slightly dramatic, but we were all happy to hear them cheer loud and proud for the team.

Scores and Meet Highlights:

The meet was again non-divisional, so it was another great meet hone our skills for the upcoming divisional meets.

It was a close meet throughout with the lead changing hands every event. After the freestyle we were up 12; Backstroke we were down 10; Breaststroke we were up 8, and once the butterfly and free relays concluded we had taken the lead with a final score of: Riverwood 272 / Harrington Grove 241.

We had 76 swimmers like last week with a total of 217 recorded races. This lead too 93 improved times and a 43% improvement team wide. Thes numbers are all up from last week, which is very impressive! The coaches are so proud of this accomplishment and we look forward to see those improved times continue through the summer!

We had three Triple winners for the meet: Logan Yarborough, Elijah Hammons and James Cotham winning all three of their individual events!


Our 15-18 girls Free Relay comprised of Cora Levine, Natalie Irish, Anya Muminovic, and Frankie DiGiovanni broke the Free Relay record with a time of 1:50.65!

Elijah Hammons finished the meet with 3 new records with a team record in the 50 Free which I believe was his to begin with, broke the Harrington Grove Pool Record for the 50 Breaststroke with a time of 29.54, and another team record in the 50 Fly with a time of 26.09.

Most Improved Swimmers – These swimmers improved in all of their races across the board during last weeks meet:

Dylan Antoine, Frankie DiGiovanni, Braxton Franklin, Tyler Henry, Vera Hockman, Avery Perdue, Carson Perdue, Kale Miller, Chelsea Cotham, Zelda Glanzmann, Teddy Glanzmann, Sage Gorlesky, Kale Myers, Cooper Yarborough, Madison Ruddy, Sadie Martin. Elijah Antoine, Josie Boldt, and Trey Leahey.

Again thank you to all the volunteers, swimmers and our amazing TSA Reps Sara, Betsy and Mackenzie for their hard work during this meet to make it our first win fo the season!

See y’all tonight!


Coach Andrew

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