Scores and Meet Highlights:
Riverwood 241 VS Stonebridge 272

This was a divisional meet so they were a large team as I am sure everyone noticed when they received the heat sheet or just watching them warm-up. They also were very fast, but our team did very well to keep it close and after a few events give me the hope of a possible upset. Again, the coaches and I are so proud of every swimmer. 

We had four Triple winners for the meet: Ethan Leonhardt, Mariana Fuentes, Carlee Davis and Elijah Hammons.

We had 75 swimmers with a total of 215 recorded races. This lead too 54 improved times and a 25% improvement team wide. These are still great stats because these are short course meter swims vs short course yard times in our system!


So many short course meter records were broken last night. 

8+Under Boys Medley Relay 1:47.41 with Austin Antoine, Ford Teague, Logan Yarborough and Johnny Graham
8+Under Girls Medley Relay 2:05.02 with Emelia Boldt, Cindel Leahey, Mackenzie Leonhardt, and Hannah Barkley
8+Under Boys Free Relay 1:30.74 with Ford Teague, Austin Antoine, Johnny Graham, and Logan Yarborough
9-10 Girls Free Relay 1:14.74 with Jael Jiggetts, Vera Hockman, Carson Tilghman, Mariana Fuentes
15-18 Boys Free Relay 1:48.68 with Peyton Bednar, Kale Miller, Tyler Henry, and James Cotham
15-18 Girls Free Relay 2:03.79 with Cora Levine, Anya Muminovic, Natalie Irish, Frankie DiGiovanni
6&Under Free Girls 18.59 Cooper Yarborough
7-8 Breaststroke Boys 26.15 Logan Yarborough
7-8 Breaststroke Girls 30.72 Mackenzie Leonhardt
7-8 Fly Boys 19.74 Logan Yarborough
9-10 Breaststroke Boys 22.86 Ethan Leonhardt
9-10 Breaststroke Girls 22.61 Mariana Fuentes
13-14 Free Boys 27.24 Elijah Hammons
13-14 Fly Boys 29.33 Elijah Hammons
15-18 Free Boys 26.66 James Cotham
15-18 Breaststroke Girls 38.07 Anya Muminovic

Most Improved Swimmers – These swimmers improved in all of their races across the board during last weeks meet:
Cindel Leahey, Elijah Antoine, Josie Boldt, Xander Lee, Benjamin Steed, Cooper Yarborough. 

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