Seated Leg Press

Targeted muscles using the seated leg press are your quadsglutes, and calves. These are the same muscles that you would be using if you were doing squats. The seated leg press basically simulates a squat — but while you are seated, taking the load off your knees. 

The seated leg press helps with your form and in preventing injury. Try warming up with the seated leg press before your leg workout. This can help alleviate stress on your spine and knees before you start your actual workout.

You can also adjust your feet in variations such as narrow, wide, high, and lowPressing through the balls of your feet will help engage the quads, whereas pressing through the heels will activate your glutes. You’ll notice as you perform these different variations that you can activate specific muscles. You can also do single-leg presses, which helps to target each leg unilaterally.

Calf Raises using Seated Leg Press

Don’t forget those calves. Calf raises are often overlooked, so what a great way to get them done without having to move to a calf-specific machine. First, position your feet so that only the balls of your feet are on the platform. Push up so that you’re working only your calf muscles and keep your knees stiff so that movement occurs exclusively at the ankle. 

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