I’m so happy to see the sunshine and the spring flowers rising up from the warming ground.

I’ve put an Osso Buco and London Broil in with this week’s Ribeye Ranch Special. That London Broil will slowly cook nicely in your crockpot, and just in case you’re not familiar with Osso Buco, I’m including a recipe with the package for you to take home!

In the Filet Special, I’ve included a shoulder roast. We had one for lunch here at the ranch last week, and wow was it good! We’re talking extremely tender and full of flavor!

Our specials sell fast, so if you’re interested in one, click the pictures below to go to the website and order yours today.

You can also call me at 919-588-2091 and place your order with me over the phone.

Interested in purchasing 1/2 an animal, but don’t have the freezer space?
Want to have the security of having a set amount of beef to feed your family?
Check out our new Subscription Service, and let us hear what you think because we care about what you have to say!

Order Online HEREor stop by the ranch!
We are open Monday – Friday from 8 AM – 6 PM.

See you at the Ranch,

Laurie Bishop
FSC Ranch Beef
2102 Pritchard Rd.
Clayton, NC 27527

Our Beef is Antibiotic-Free, No Added Hormones, Pasture-Raised, USDA Inspected and Approved!

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