The leg extension is an exercise designed to focus almost exclusively on your quads. Strong quads are important for walking, squatting, and good posture. The leg extension is also popular and useful in physical therapy clinics. If you’ve ever had knee surgery, you know that the quadriceps often “fall asleep” in the days after surgery, and they need to essentially be “retrained”.

While seated leg extensions allow you to work both legs together. However, you can also work each leg individually by straightening one knee at a time. 

  1. Make sure to align your knees with the pivot point at the end of the seat by adjusting the back pad and press your lower back firmly against it.
  2. The roller should be on a comfortable position at the front of your ankles (do not rest it on your shins).
  3. Start the movement with your feet positioned a few inches out rather than underneath you to decrease tension on your knees, adjust the movement lever so it’s at an angle that makes starting easy.
  4. Curl your toes up toward your body as you extend your legs and focus on contracting your quad muscles. Keep your core engaged to help you balance in the seat. You should not feel pain in your knees.
  5. Pause at full extension, and slowly return to the start position.

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